Work Accommodation

We know how important it is for organizations to minimize the effects of an injury or illness from a human and from a financial standpoint.  The Work Accommodation module is designed to assist you in returning your employees to safe and productive work as soon as possible.

Record and track those on modified work

Efficiently record details regarding the modified work plan for those returning to work after an occupational or non-occupational absence. Relevant fields auto-populate when linked to a specific claim in Incident Reporting or Disability Management modules.

Build custom return to work program phases

Outline your return to work plan with program phases.  Detail dates, work restrictions, assignments, daily work hours and more.

Define temporary or permanent modified duties

Parklane's table driven software allows you to customize tracking details like temporary/permanent modified duties, restrictions, program efficacy, assignments, program results, etc.  Ensure you are tracking details that make sense for your business.

Track accommodated work hours

Utilize Work Accommodation's calendar feature to track successful completion of work hours assigned in each phase.  Easily adjust plans based on success, or lack of success, of accommodated work hours.

Program Management

Follow employee progress with auto-dated personal comments at each case review.  Link electronic documents to each employee plan (i.e. FAFs or doctor's notes).

Built-in statistical reports and export features

  • Know who is waiting for accommodation, who is being accommodated, & who has gone back to full duties.
  • Pull reports on program results to identify programs that work for employees.
  • Get up to the minute status reports on your organization's work accommodation programs.
  • Know which restrictions and assignments are being utilized and many more.


Stay organized and efficient with the Work Accommodation module  - and bring your employees back to work quickly and safely!  As us how we can benefit your organization. 


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