St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital 

We have had exceptional customer service from Parklane as we were setting up our Kics/SIMON system to run our Influenza Clinic.  The Kics system is absolutely wonderful!!  So quick, user friendly and easy.  We have had rave reviews about how easy it was for our staff to use, one quick swipe of their ID badge and a signature and voila, data entered into our Parklane system for instant statistical reporting.  We love this Kics system and are very excited to use it for all of our immunization clinics. 

Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Science Centre

Thank you for your continued amazing support of your product. It’s not enough that you have a great product, but that you are continually searching for ways to improve it. During the last ten years at Sunnybrook, I have had to deal with many vendors for computer equipment and software and the Parklane software and support team consistently out perform any other vendors hands down. Your cheery telephone and emails and your interest in listening to your user’s thoughts and ideas on the use of your product has helped to make this the outstanding Occupational Health tracking system it is today. I recommend it to anyone.

City of Thunder Bay

Customer service is exceptional. The telephone is always answered by the 3rd ring, by a real person, which is rare these days. Help is always available. Upgrades are regular and reliable. I cannot say enough about either the program or the people behind it. The Parklane program has enabled my organization to track claims and costs in a way that was never before possible without a great deal of manual labour. The program is very easy to use. The menu of reports is extremely comprehensive. It is difficult to think of a way in which the program could be improved upon. I wish I would have had Parklane years ago.

The Corporation of the City of London

Parklane is an imperative system for Disability Management within our organization. This software allows us the ability to monitor all aspects of a claim (i.e., form, comments, costs) on one user-friendly system. In addition, the Parklane software has also given us the ability to draw various statistical reports in order to see what areas require assistance and which areas are functioning effectively. Finally, the support provided by the Parklane staff is excellent. The staff has always been willing to assist with problems or develop new reports based on our specific business.

Thunder Bay Regional Hospital

Parklane Systems has been a tremendous help to me personally as I have come into a new position, which uses Parklane Systems as the main source of our employee database. They are very insightful to someone who is not familiar with the system; walked me through many situations step by step where I needed guidance. Their promptness in returning calls and their quick problem solving deleted any lengthy delays, which reflects on a very efficient office.

Canada Bread

Every individual at Parklane I have dealt with from Sales to Training to Administration to Support has been a pleasure to work with.

The Regional Municipality of Halton, Human Resources Services, Safety Section

The most important key to the program is the service. We have always had excellent service whenever we need it immediately. Overall, the Parklane System is an important part of our Safety Program, which serves, Police, Long Term Care Facilities, Public Works, Ambulance, and Administration. We have never had a problem with the program and look forward to ongoing growth with Parklane.


The reports that the system provides are invaluable. They give me access to exactly what I require to perform my job more effectively and deliver vital information to my superiors. Parklane delivers!

Lakehead Public Schools

As a new Parklane Software user (one year this month), I have been very pleased with the software and the reporting details and statistics it provides. Far and beyond that, however, was the tremendous support and technical expertise I have received from the Parklane staff. From installation, to training, to conversions, web updates, troubleshooting and technical problem solving, your staff have always been prompt, friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and in my books rate 4 ****.

Cheshire Homes

I manage and use the Parklane System and had quite a few problems with my network. Through the wonderful assistance of Parklane's Support Staff I have been able to work with the network administrators from my end to iron out the problems. If it wasn’t for the knowledge, friendliness and helpfulness of these people I would probably still be in battle! I would like to send a huge thank you to Parklane for their patience, understanding and ongoing help. Parklane is a very user friendly environment and if other such errors had not occurred on my end, I would say it was a seamless transition of implementing Parklane for our Claims Management.

Thames Valley District School Board

I have always been impressed with the amount of support your group has provided. When we were transferring claims between school boards, the help provided by Parklane was incredible (as always). The Support Staff is also always available and very patient with my numerous questions. If a problem is discovered, an answer is provided and it is quickly corrected with an updated version or the required instructions. The amount of time that I am saving by having our costs transferred by disk is amazing. As we are an amalgamated Board dealing with five different Schedule II firm numbers, it is much easier to check the report than to enter each individual cost and advance. Keep up the good work!! Thanks for the opportunity to share this with you.


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