Occupational Health and Safety Software

Our comprehensive health and safety software solutions have been designed to accommodate the needs of our clients since 1987. User-friendly and efficient, Parklane has just what you're looking for to help manage the day to day responsibilities of those in health, safety and risk management.

  • Occupational Claim Management/Incident Reporting
  • Non-Occupational Claim Management/Disability Management
  • RTW, Modified Work, Work Accommodation
  • Compliance - Recall
  • Risk Assessments, Investigation & Inspections
  • Demographics, HR
  • Medical Charting
  • Custom Online Data Collection
  • Outbreak/Immunization Tracking
  • Attendance & Absence
Below is a summary of the many features and functions of Parklane's health and safety software modules

Learn more about Parklane products, or, check out a summary of the many features and functions below!

Occupational Claim Management - Incident Reporting
  • Record incidents, lost time, health care, hazards/near misses
  • Manage all compensation claims
  • Track incident direct and indirect costs
  • Report on including types, causes, corrections, root cause, etc.
  • Customize attribute table for additional incident tagging
  • Submit reports to the compensation board electronically
  • Hundreds of built-in statistical reports
  • Export data for hands on analyzing and dashboard reports
  • Attach photos and documents right to the incident
  • Review dates feature to keep your tasks and follow-ups organized
  • Auto-filled report of accident forms for Canada and U.S.
  • Online Incident Reporting will also eliminate paper and reduce data entry

RTW, Modified Work - Work Accommodation

  • Track who's off and available for modified work
  • Build custom multi-phase RTW programs
  • Detail employee restrictions and modified duties
  • Define temporary or permanent modified duties
  • Link electronic documents to each case
  • Built-in statistical reports and export features
  • Pull reports on program results to identify programs that work
  • Track accommodated work hours

Compliance - Recall

  • Record & track training, immunizations, testing
  • Email notifications for due/overdue
  • Built in/exportable compliance reports
  • Personalized form letters for mass mailing/emailing
  • Easily maintain your due diligence records

Risk Management, Investigation & Inspection - Risk Assessment

  • Identify hazards, assign risk and automate priority
  • Email controls directly from the system
  • Online form allows you to record assessments on tablet or laptop
  • Respond recommendations right online
  • Follow up section keeps you informed of all outstanding controls
  • Quickly find specific inspections/assessments on demand, right down to a single room
  • Record your: Ergo assessments, Job safety assessment, workplace violence, workplace inspections, incident investigations, etc. 
  • Save time with templates and assessment duplication
  • Built in, flexible reporting with export capabilities

Demographics, HR - Personal Data

  • Included with every Parklane Installation
  • Organize and manage your personnel
  • Transfer data from any HR system (if applicable)
  • Demographics interface with other Parklane modules
  • Available department grouping for quick and easy reporting
  • Reports OH&S activity occurring in every Parklane module
  • Attach electronic documents: i.e. CVs, certificates



Non-Occupational Claim Management - Disability Management

  • Manage short and long term non-occ Claims
  • Record days off, claim reasons, and costs
  • Many customizable tables
  • Categorize by permanent or temporary claims
  • Customizable form letters
  • Easily track your progress review dates and comments
  • Built-in statistical reports and export features
  • Monitor short and long term disability

Medical Charting - Chart

  • Record details of staff visits
  • Identify trends in staff visits/calls
  • Display summary of a employee history
  • Variety of reports summarizing staff
  • Electronically attach medical documents to chart
  • Increased security ensures information is kept confidential
  • Built in alerts warn of allergies and other need-to-know information
  • Visits are summarized in each chart

Custom Online Data Collection - KICS

  • Collect information quicker and easier than before
  • Signature pad, proximity/swipe card capable
  • Easily customizable web-based forms
  • Multiple pre-formatted questions
  • Easily set default answers
  • Replace all your paper-based forms, including consents!
  • Data from forms are instantly exportable for stats/analysis
  • Eliminate filing time a storage concerns
  • Use for your consents, surveys, research questionnaires, testing... 

Outbreak/Immunization Tracking - SIMON

  • Track immunizations and outbreak response
  • Use your current hospital ID for easy identification
  • Eliminate lot# errors
  • Customizable outbreak and immunization plans
  • Built in screening tools
  • View previous testing results from Recall
  • Built-in reports and export options for further analysis
  • Know where potential outbreaks are occurring
  • Reduce visits to your health centre


  • Define types of absenteeism
  • Enter time and reason quickly on easy to use calendar
  • Build support cases, track the actions taken, who is monitoring, results of program and its effectiveness
  • Many reports, including absence type, union statistics, graphs, frequency rates, hours/days lost, FTE, costs and much more
  • Custom multi-level support programs
  • View employee's absenteeism history including all related comments, reminder notes, monthly and annual calendars


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