Surveillance, Immunization, Mitigation, Outbreak, Notification

  • Track immunizations/outbreaks
  • Reduce/eliminate paper
  • Decrease data entry
  • Significantly reduce human error
  • Streamline your flu campaigns
  • Keep OH&S staff informed and organized

Are you prepared?

Parklane's SIMON is a module designed to assist in your facility's immunization and pandemic plans.  SIMON will assist you to track vaccinations, report on compliance, and more. 

SIMON's technology ensures accuracy and simplifies your responsibilities in the event of an outbreak. Your flu campaigns will also be accommodated with this all-in-one solution created with you in mind.


Use your swipe/bar code/proximity cards to identify staff

SIMON puts your consent forms online, taking the guess work out of reading names on paper consents and instead lets you scan the client information directly onto the online consent form. No electronic ID cards? That's ok, you can also search by name.

Eliminate Lot # errors

Repeatedly writing down lot numbers can leads to errors.  SIMON lets you scan or type in a lot number and will remember that number for next recipient.

Build your own consent forms

Customize the data you want collected on your forms for outbreaks and flu campaigns. Easily add questions and capture online signatures.  The best part is once your consent form is filled by the client, SIMON will record the data for you - essentially eliminating data entry during this busy time.  It can even create records in the Recall* module!


Built-in reports provide ready and up to date statistics by department, program type, location of clinic, vaccine, yearly comparisons etc.  Built-in provincial forms autofill to provide campaign numbers quickly and accurately.


"So quick, user friendly and easy. We have had rave reviews about how easy it was for our staff to use, one quick swipe of their ID badge and a signature and voila, data entered into our Parklane system (SIMON) for instant statistical reporting. We love this system and are very excited to use it for all of our immunization clinics."

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