Identify and Control your Hazards

Parklane has developed a versatile tool to assist in simplifying the Risk Assessment process. The Risk Assessment module is easy to use and understand.  It will help keep you informed of the risks to your workers and of the status of your controls. With a click of a button, recommendations are sent via email to those responsible and will keep you on top of all of your follow ups and reviews.   

Risk Assessment will help you to eliminate paper assessments and the endless calls made seeking responses to your recommendations.  

Periodic Reviews

The new Review section assists you in managing the recurring review of H&S policies and activities (eg. fire drills, eyewash inspections).  This fully automated software requires very little administrative intervention as those responsible can respond online and even upload any applicable, newly revised policies.  Completed reviews are automatically scheduled once again and will remind those responsible for you when the time comes. 

Manage and track your:

  • Workplace inspections
  • Government audits
  • Incident/Near miss-related risk assessments
  • Control reviews and follow-ups
  • Workplace violence assessments
  • Job safety assessments
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Periodic Review of Safety Policies and Procedures - NEW

Risk Assessment will help to keep you organized, not only by recording the hazards found in your workplace,  but by managing and implementing controls aimed at reducing risk and, subsequently, the overall number of incidents in your workplace.

This exceptionally versatile module is divided into two sections: hazard-based and task-based.


Hazard-based Risk Assessment

Identify hazards, assign risk and automate priority

Record your findings with customized tables containing hazards that exist in your organization.  Once the risk to employees is identified, control priority and due dates are automatically assigned for you. You can even link assessments to an incident in the Incident Reporting module and complete a thorough investigation.

Controls are emailed directly from the system

Once hazard controls are assigned, they are emailed to the person(s) responsible for taking action. Responses to your controls/recommendations are updated in the system automatically through a simple webform, ensuring you are always kept up to date - essentially making the process more efficient and paperless.

Email Notifications

Multiple custom notifications types will keep you and the person(s) responsible on top of hazards and controls.  Automatic notifications are sent out to those responsible for those controls and reviews that are coming due or are overdue - ensuring nothing gets forgotten

Review/Follow Up

This unique section allows the user to sort and filter outstanding controls that are due, or coming due.  Follow up on responses that have come through on the web and overdue controls not yet addressed.  Easily resend email notifications to those who have failed to respond.


Risk Assessment's online webform keeps you mobile while you identify hazards in the workplace.  Once submitted, controls are automatically emailed from your Parklane System.


Identify JHSC members or inspection teams, create your own assessment categories relevant to your business and multiple custom email templates. You can even designate certain members in your safety team to receive response notifications based on the location.

Due Diligence

Effortlessly prove due diligence and quickly recall specific inspections/assessments on demand right down to a single room.


Choose from a wide variety of built-in reports, exports and graphs.

For example:

  • Know which areas are of the highest risk
  • Report on outstanding controls
  • Recognize potential hazard trends
  • Identify locations not yet assessed


Task-based Risk Assessment

The Task-based section looks at identifying hazards related to the tasks performed in an employees day to day duties.  This module allows you to customize multiple sets of tables so each set can contain an entirely different hazard content - thereby enabling you to conduct a variety of assessments.

Record your task based assessments 

Completely customize your tasks, hazards involved and controls you implement in your multiple task-based tables.  You can create a variety of different assessments as each set of tables belongs to its own category, i.e. Ergo assessments, Job safety assessment, Workplace violence.

Identify tasks, their associated hazards and controls

Fully detail job tasks and the hazards your employees face on a day to day basis. Identify multiple controls to limit the risk to your employees.

Automate controls

Find yourself often using the same control for a particular hazard?  Parklane allows you to link multiple controls to multiple hazards, significantly reducing data entry time as the system will populate all the controls once that hazard is used.

Assessment Templates

Save time by creating already populated assessment position templates that can be applied to multiple staff or departments with similar positions.


Generate electronic copies of report to provide supervisors with breakdown of tasks and their hazards by position. Provide task-based reports to new employees that demonstrate the hazards that exist in their new job

Reduce the risk of fines, the cost/impact of compliance visits and most importantly, help you reduce the risk to your employees.  Reduce risk and watch your incidents decline.

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