Incident Reporting Module

The Incident Reporting module allows you to record and track workplace incidents and also manage any resulting claims. With Parklane's intuitive software, time-saving features and informative reporting, you can efficiently work towards a reduction in incidents and their associated costs.

Record your lost time, health care, first aid and near miss incidents

Once the category of incident is identified, Incident Reporting will dynamically respond with the fields required for completion and claim management.  You can detail injuries, circumstances, locations, claim status and more.  Also, attach important documents and record updates in the date stamped comments section.

Identify incident types, causes & corrective actions

The Incident Reporting module includes custom tables that can be tailored to include the type of incidents and causes that exist in your workplace.  These tables include incident types, causes, root causes and corrective actions.

Tag incidents with customized attributes

An additional table of a thousand custom attributes will assist you in tagging incidents with items you wish to trend. Create your own custom workflow process by categorizing these attributes.

Submit claims electronically to the board

Built-in compensation board forms will auto-populate with relevant details of your claims. Where the ability exists, these forms can be electronically submitted* to the board directly from the system or uploaded to your region's board via export.

Import claim costs data & track custom costs

Imported claim costs go directly to the appropriate corresponding claim, enabling you to report on incidents costs by department, division, position, incident type, incident classification and more. You can also track additional costs not covered by the board.

Investigate the causes and identify corrective actions

Get to the root of the problem after a thorough investigation of what is causing the incidents in your workplace. Report on which areas may have increased risk to employees.  Identify any corrective actions necessary to reduce the risk to your workers.

Report trends & statistics with built-in reports, exports and graphs

Ultimate flexibility exists in Parklane with multiple reporting methods and a huge variety of reports, including auto-populated governmental forms, in this system.  Whether it is comprehensive built-in reports or the pre-formatted graph/pivot table reports,  you can get the information you need from Parklane's Incident Reporting module.

"Parklane is the best tool I have ever had in my whole career in working in Occupational Health." - Marg Creen - RN, BScN, MA (DM),COHN(C), COHN-S, CDMP

Mobile reporting means faster reporting

Whether it is a desktop or mobile device, the Online Incident Reporting option can be used by your managers and/or employees to submit incidents directly to your Parklane System.  This option is designed to reducing the delay in reporting and the administrative workload in OHS.

The reduction in time spent on data entry affords OHS staff more time to address the risks facing employees in the workplace.  In addition, this quicker method of reporting can increase compliance with the internal responsibility system and bring you another step closer to a more positive safety culture within your organization.

The summary of module features include:

  • Record and track your employee workplace incidents and hazards
  • Expertly manage all of your compensation claims
  • Enter or import* claim costs directly to the corresponding claim
  • Built-in compensation forms auto-populate employee and incident details
  • Submit lost time and health care reports directly to the compensation board electronically*
  • Identify incident types, causes, and tag with custom incident attributes
  • Detail and track corrective actions
  • Hundreds of built-in reports
  • Flexible and pre-formatted Excel® reports
  • Attach photos and documents
  • Review dates feature to keep your tasks and follow-ups organized
*where availability exists

Find out just how effectively Parklane can assist you in the day-to-day management of your health and safety tasks.  Click here for a demonstration of the Incident Reporting Module

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