Manage Non-Occupational Claims

With non-occupational absences on the rise, how you manage them is of great importance to your organization. Parklane's Disability Management module helps you to manage non-occupational claims and assists you in reducing the duration and overall cost impacts.

Produce individual claim profiles

Easily create and manage short term and long term disability claims.  Document critical dates, managing staff, insurance information and claim status.

Electronically attach relevant documents to each case

Doctors' notes, insurance letters, email correspondence, internal form letters, can all be attached directly to individual claims.

Record days off, claim reasons, and costs

An easy to use interface allows for efficient data entry of days off and costs incurred from each claim. Ensure valuable reporting by customizing claim reasons to suit your organization.

Track your progress with review dates and comments

Date and time stamped comments ensure you are up to date on all the activity involving the claim.  Review dates will keep track of reminders and tasks to perform.

Report on permanent or temporary disability management claims

Know the up to the minute status of all your existing and completed claims including all permanent or temporary, short term or long term, illness or injury. Customize your tables in Disability Management, then tag and report on claim details important to your business.

Customizable form letters

The easy-to-use customizable form letters let you build in correspondence relevant to your departmental policies.  With a click, attach these letters directly to the claim.

Built-in statistical reports and export features

Flexible reports, exports and preformatted Excel reports provide you with detailed and comprehensive statistics, graphs and canned reports provide the information you need to get make critical workplace decisions.

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