Electronic Medical Charting

Parklane's Chart module allows you to keep track of employee visits to the occupational health department and eliminate the medical charting you spend valuable time filing.  Chart's unique design allows you to customize the very details you wish to record from health visits, to emails or phone calls.

Record and track details of staff visits

Chart is table driven, therefore allows you to customize visit classifications, reason, treatments and more.  Once a new record is created, it is auto-dated and time stamped.  Chart keeps a list of visits by date, reason for the visit, who last charted, and any attachments.  Create your chart notes in Parklane's auto-dated and time stamped comments or confidential comments section.

Identify trends in employee visits/calls 

Chart can also assist in identifying trends, such as an increase in visits by a particular department or position, help identify an occupational illness due to an increase in certain symptoms, or highlight areas in need of increased staffing.

Recall info from previous visits quickly and easily 

In Chart, all records are at your fingertips. You no longer have to search through endless paper charts to find information or to make out a history.  Chart notes are easily accessed in a summarized list of visits.    Pop-up alerts will notify users accessing the chart of any allergies or other important warnings.  You can link test results, email communications, and other medical documentation directly to the chart record.

Increased security

Due to the sensitivity of the information entered, Chart comes equipped with increased user security.   This security allows you to block users from seeing individual panels, reports and confidential comments.


Reports within the system can help identify a need for additional medical resources, like supplies and increased medical staffing.  Included are a variety of reports and graphs summarizing employee visits, including:

  • How many visits per month/week?
  • What position visits most?
  • What is the top ten reason for visits?
  • Which staff sees the most employees?
  • What times are busiest?
  • How many visits by month and year?
  • Detailed employee history

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