Hearing loss can come on so gradually that oftentimes the loss is not noticed until it is too late. Workers suffering from hearing loss can also be a hazard to themselves and others in the workplace.  

The Audiometric module assists your organization in keeping the proper records and tracks the results of your workers' exposure to noise over time. 

Define Custom Tables

Parklane's audiometric module allows you to customize your own category of hearing trends, audiometric testing results and test types.

Easy Entry

Audiometric's user friendly entry form makes entering test results quick and efficient. For those utilizing a mobile audiology company, an import function allows you to upload results into the system.  

Record Management

Baseline is conveniently displayed with every record for quick assessments.  Threshold shift and user flags are calculated for you directly on the entry page.  Each record also contains comments section to make any relevant notes and record the number of months for follow up testing. 

Audiometic Reporting

Reports are informative and easy to read.  Audiograms and statistics are exported and preformatted in Excel, allowing you the freedom to copy, paste and even email. Includes a departmental and occupational report in which hearing loss trends can more easily be identified. 



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