Absence Management

Increased absences can impact a company's budget and ability to function optimally.  Parklane's Attendance and Absence management software can assist you in identifying and tracking increased absences.

Define Absenteeism Types

Customize absence codes to match your current payroll system and even import time directly into the module.  You can also redefine the code descriptions to fit your needs. Whether you are tracking sick time, vacation time or training time, you have the flexibility to track any kind of absence.

Calendar Time Entries

Track when and why employees are off in the integrated calendar tool.  Simply select the day, the reason and hours absent. The continued time function will copy the reason, hours and any comments on subsequent days, consequently making data entry quicker.   You can also identify placement of substitute workers that are filling in for absent staff and track their associated hours.

Manage Absentee Cases

Help to reduce your absences by building absentee cases and track the progress and actions taken.  Assign who is monitoring the employee and track the efficacy and results of each program.  You can even customize multi-level support programs. In addition, easily view employee's absenteeism history - this also includes related comments, reminder notes, monthly and annual calendars.

Absence Reporting

A variety of reporting options are included - built-in reports, exports and also formatted Excel reports and graphs.  With this flexibility, you can even design your own dashboard reports.  Run stats by absence type, union statistics, frequency rates, hours/days lost, FTE, costs and much more!  Identify absenteeism trends and analyze further by time off and number of occurrences.

Additional functionality

Furthermore, you can manage communication with the creation of form letters and link important incoming documents and emails to each case.


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