The School Boards’ Co-operative Inc.


The School Boards’ Co-operative Inc. (SBCI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Ontario school boards with workers’ compensation advice and guidance. SBCI has been in existence since January 1, 1994 and advises 51 of the 72 school boards in Ontario. Hence, we influence the workers’ compensation claims management of school boards totalling over 70,000 employees.

In 1997, we implemented the Personal Data and Workers’ Compensation modules of the Parklane system. All claims for all of our member boards are entered into the database and, in fact, all history back to January 1993 was loaded into the system. We maintain an up-to-date cost record for all claims in our Parklane database.

Before we installed the Parklane system, we carried out a review of the other workers’ compensation systems in the market. We chose Parklane and have never regretted our decision. Also, the little that has come on the market since 1997 has seemed in no way superior to the Parklane system.

We have found the Parklane system, at least the modules which we use, to provide us with a comprehensive array of all the features which we could use in our role as consulting advisors to school boards. The reports available are extensive and the data captured are very broad.

The ease of use of the system is also impressive. It is very user-friendly, with a significant User Manual.

The system, of course, is only part of the issue. The second part is how the people at Parklane are to deal with. All in all, we have had only good experiences in our dealings with the staff. They have always been approachable.

Parklane Computer Systems makes every effort to maintain excellent Customer Service support with a dedicated person to deal with our questions. This works well.

It is easy to write nice words about a company and its product. SBCI has gone further. So pleased have we been with the Parklane workers’ compensation system and its Customer Support, that we have bought the Parklane system for each of our member school boards.

To some degree, therefore, we have staked our reputations on Parklane

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